Packaging solutions
Through our subsidiary Axxum Packaging Slovakia s.r.o. Axxum Holding GmbH offers reliable solution for the packaging of industrial goods and steel. Decades of experience predeterminate us to by optimal protector of your precious goods during the logistic process on the ground, in the water and in the air.

Our export packaging is designed for your individual needs and at the same time we take into consideration climate and logistic requirements. With Axxum Holding GmbH you are also from the technical point of view, on the right side. We have accepted industry challenges 4.0. By adopting this appeal, we would like to participate at creating future. That is why we are happy to help you with our professionals and to support you with a sustainable and optimal packaging solution.


The packaging of a wide range of industrial goods is encoded in the DNA of Axxum Holding GmbH members and has been presenting us for decades in exciting challenges that we have always successfully managed to full satisfaction of our partners.

Disregarding whether you want to transport goods to another part of the world or you look for individual packaging solution for your new technological equipments, our Axxum Packaging Slovakia s.r.o., Püschmann, Hitscher, Cargopack and Kisten Jansen subsidiaries, with their subsidiaries in seven European countries, would by helpful as your reliable partner on the way to your success. With our sophisticated packaging solutions we arrange optimal protection for your goods from the point of its origin to the destination, together with all the challenges connected to transport, climate, or product specifics.

Industrial packaging
  • Individual and sophisticated packaging solutions
  • Reliable partner
  • Optimal protection
  • Solutions for transport,climate, or product specifics
  • Branches in seven European countries

Packaging of steel coils has been one of Axxum Holding GmbH main business activity for decades.

With together well-known companies in the steel industry we started building our partnerships in the 1970s through our subsidiaries Amco and Con-Pac, which were established themselves at the beginning of this partnership in the three BeNeLux locations, and gradually have expanded to entire European network of this branch. Thanks to this network we are able to offer you flexible packaging services directly in your location across the whole Europe and help you with our experts who we have been proud of for more than 40 years.

Packaging of steel coils
  • The European network
  • More than 40 years experience
  • Flexible packaging services across Europe
  • Proximity to your location

Of course, as the packaging manufacturer our company also deals with topic of packaging materials.

Beside traditional wood packaging such as pallets and boxes, we also produce individual and complex special constructions in our subsidiaries Hitscher and Püschmann. In addition we have taken a pioneering role with Püschmann for the material specific protection of steel coils. Here we develop and produce protective inner and outer edges as well as packaging solutions made of pressed fibreboards. The motivation that leads us in all these activities is minimizing damages and protecting against damages in any mean of transport.

  • Classic wooden packaging
  • Individual and special construction
  • Pioneers for material specific protection of coils
  • Optimization of protection
  • Minimizing damage

A subsidiary corporation in Slovakia.

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