As your personal partner throughout the value chain, the service for you is always our top priority. We think of you in a comprehensive way and in coordination with your main processes, you will be able to handle the following procedures with our versatile support, we guarantee the quality of Axxum Holding GmbH.

In addition besides to assembling and disassembling your industrial technologies, we provide disposing of packaging materials, professional recycling of plastics, a wide range of engineering services or services related to manufacturing, such as for example, taking over the entire manufacturing processes.


As a partner of industry we are acquainted with the processes of our customers in detail so we reliably assume the roles in the production of our partners.

Axxum Holding GmbH fulfils your requirements and offers process and personnel outsourcing solutions throughout your value chain.

Contract manufacturing
  • Detailed knowledge of the customer process
  • Process and personal solutions
  • Display the value chain

When building industrial plants our GTS subsidiary is the perfect partner of your choice.

We take over and control all the processes related to planning and construction of your plant or transport project, always in the usual quality of Axxum Holding GmbH. Whenever you can rely on the years of experience of our engineers and specialists. We are pleased to meet your requirements. Plan your project and run it in a timely, professional and budgeting manner.

  • Check all processes in operation and shipping
  • Specialists with years of experience
  • Implemented on time,professionally and in accordance with the budget

Axxum Holding GmbH not only assumes responsibility for packaging and transporting your industrial goods, but of course also for assembling and disassembling your products and subsequent processes related to the destination.

With our experienced technicians in our subsidiary GTS, we offer not only specific assembly projects but also long-term assembly services. We work all around the world in partner companies with our own highly qualified and specially trained staff.

  • Special transport assembly projects
  • Long-term assembly services
  • Partner companies around the world

In the field of recycling our subsidiary Con-Pro will take over complete plastic processing for you.

In our special follow-up production processes we provide not only disposing but also recycling of plastics and we take over complete logistics and re-marketing for you. We rely on the latest technology and trained specialists in this field.

Recycling of plastics
  • Complete reprocessing of plastics
  • Disposal and recycling
  • Take over logistics and re-marketing

A subsidiary corporation in Slovakia.

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